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Social Worker Job

Philadelphia, PA

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Major Function: Assessment

· Completes clinical interviews during the admission screening process and supplemental student assessments of student needs in accordance with family and student rights.

· Completes risk assessments for crisis intervention as needed

· Uses screening tools and evaluation results to develop appropriate interventions for students and families.

· Develops short-term intervention plans consistent with evidence-based treatment, student’s needs, strengths, and their present levels of social and emotional functioning.

· Uses appropriate tools, observations, and interviews with school team members to evaluate progress with interventions and readiness for transition within a multi-tiered system of supports.

Major Function: Service Delivery

· Provides risk assessment, crisis intervention and response to students in need to ensure safety and facilitate access to emergency psychiatric services when needed.

· Facilitate group intervention with students on a weekly basis focused on skill development (e.g., coping skills, social skills, etc.) and transfer of skills with peers and the larger school community.

· Provide individual counseling services to students with intensive social and emotional challenges, utilizing evidence based brief treatment protocols.

· Timely submission of all clinical documentation, including communication logs, intervention plans, and individual and/or group therapy notes.

Major Function: Consultation

· Participates in school wide meetings (e.g., all staff meetings, child study team meetings, program specific meetings, etc.)

· Consults with vital stakeholders, including parents/guardians, education team members and community-based liaisons to support the empowerment and development of students and families.

· Consults with the school team on potential barriers to success including attendance, mental health impairments, delinquency, homelessness, and suspicion of child abuse or neglect.

· Facilitates interagency communication with community based mental health service providers

Major Function: Advocacy

· Promotes service to students and their families within the context of multicultural understanding and competence that enhances family engagement in the student’s learning process.

· Assists students and their families in gaining access to community-based resources and supports.

· Participates in school wide programming to promote a safe, healthy, caring school climate that fosters academic success.

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