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New Story Schools

School Nurse - LPN Job

Carlisle, PA

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Why You'll Love This Job

Do you have a passion for education and being a part of a mission-driven organization?  Do you want to join a fast-growing company with excellent benefits, such as competitive health and wellness benefits, tuition reimbursement, generous paid time off, and so much more?

New Story Schools in Carlisle, PA is seeking a qualified School Nurse (LPN) to support students with Autism and varying ability levels. This position is full-time.. The Nurse focuses on the needs of the individual student, as well as overseeing the health program for the student population. The Nurse is responsible for the delivery of health services including the medication management program, student intake and recording keeping, communication with families, and advocating for the health rights of children.


  • Provide first aid care as needed and document appropriately.
  • Manage medical emergencies and communicate with family members, emergency medical personnel, and/or the child’s physician regarding the event of the medical emergency.
  • Collect and ensure medical history, physical exams and vaccinations are current for all students.
  • Communicate and/or collaborate as necessary with parents/guardians, pharmacists, physicians and/or other members of the child’s healthcare team.
  • Collaborate with personnel, families, and other members of the team to develop an Individualized Health Plan consistent with the needs and specific medical needs of the child.
  • Medication management responsibilities:

    • Administer prescribed medications and monitor the effectiveness of the medication.

    • Oversee the use of emergency medications, such as inhalers and EpiPens, and provide training to designated personnel in the use of emergency medications including safe handling/storage during periods of time the nurse is not available and monitoring administration for compliance.

    • Ensure corresponding physician orders are on file for prescribed medications.

    • Ensure medications are stored and secured in an appropriate manner at all times.

    • Maintain medication administration records including, but not limited to, date and time administered, current count for all medications, date medications received, returned medications, and destroyed medications.

    • Document medication errors and subsequently communicate this information with appropriate program personnel and parent/guardian. 

    • Track monthly medication administration and reports of medication errors. 

    • Communicate with parents/guardians and/or physicians regarding medication issues and/or need for additional medication supplies.

New Story Schools is proud to be an equal opportunities employer and embraces diversity in the workplace. We are also committed to providing a drug-free, safe workplace for our employees and the students we serve. For more information about New Story Schools careers and benefits, please visit our website



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