The Learning Spectrum (TLS) located on three campuses in Ohio, aims to serve with excellence. TLS serves children with autism and related special needs, in an authentic school environment. TLS’ goal is to educate the whole child through a multi-disciplinary approach that meets each child’s individual needs and facilitates the highest level of success.

Our Roles

Special Education Teacher Roles

Our Special Education Teachers play several roles in the lives of our students. They teach, mentor, guide, and help our students discover a world of new possibilities. You will play an integral role in the success of our students while overseeing the classroom team.

Support Roles

Our support staff work collaboratively with Special Education Teachers and Behavior Analysts to fulfill the individual curriculum and self-care needs of the students, while implementing behavioral plans and protocols. You will be instrumental in students’ success by supporting, guiding, and helping to educate our students.

Clinical Roles

Our clinical staff specialize in the development and implementation of ABA intervention plans, which are tailored to the unique needs of each child and young adult. You will play a pivotal role in improving students’ quality of life.

At a glance

Team Members

Canal Winchester, Johnstown, Worthington


Brynne Artim

Executive Director

Brynne Artim is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), a Certified Ohio Behavior Analyst (COBA) and an active member of Ohio’s Autism Insurance Coalition. Brynne has worked with clinical, school, and home-based programs to provide effective, research-based behavioral and educational services to individuals with autism. Brynne previously served as the Senior Director of Clinical Services and CEO of The Learning Spectrum.

“At the heart of exceptional special education lies a commitment to fostering meaningful connections with families, ensuring every child receives the tailored support they deserve.”

Jill Blanchard

Senior Vice President, Operations

Dr. Jill Blanchard is the Senior Vice President of Operations for New Story in Ohio. In this role, she oversees all five New Story Schools in the state, ensuring strong operational and growth strategies. Jill has a wealth of experience and expertise, with over two decades of K-12 educator and school administrator roles. Prior to joining New Story, Jill served as the Regional Vice President of ACCEL Schools, which provides oversight of a network of charter schools in Columbus, Ohio. She served in various roles including teacher and principal and won the Teacher of the Year award in 2002.

“I strongly believe in the incredible role education plays in helping each student not only achieve their goals, but also understand that they matter.”


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