At Sage Alliance, we lead with empathy and learn through listening. We know what students who struggle with mental health issues need: a full spectrum of therapeutic support, a personalized learning plan, and an environment where they feel safe, seen, and valued. Leveraging our 25+ years expertise as New Jersey’s leading therapeutic school, we tailor an educational experience and create the circumstances for emotionally distressed students to begin to trust, heal, and progress. This transformation takes therapeutic integration. It requires flexible structure. And collaborative partnerships with school districts and families. With these supports in place, students are taught the tools to start thriving, instead of merely surviving. Sage Alliance serves students grades 4-12 challenged by anxiety, depression, ADHD, and/or other emotional issues such as school refusal. Sage Alliance is accredited in New Jersey by the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools.

Our Roles


As a Teacher at Sage Alliance, you will play an integral role in the success of your students while managing all functions within your classroom. You will be a critical element in creating a dynamic partnership between parents, students, staff, and school districts for the provision of a safe, therapeutic, and highly academic environment that addresses the social, emotional, and educational needs of students so they can achieve success in school and in their community.

Therapists (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

As a Therapist at Sage Alliance, you will help students and families gain insight into their difficulties and facilitate change by providing individual, group, and family therapy weekly, and crisis intervention counseling as needed. You will collaborate closely with educators and administrators and play an integral role in our students’ academic success and social and emotional health.

Support Staff

As an Associate Teacher, Learning Strategist, or Paraprofessional, you will provide in-classroom support and work with individual and small groups of students to provide them with academic guidance to gain optimum benefit from the Sage Alliance program.


The Administrative Team at Sage Alliance leads and nurtures a safe, therapeutic learning community and includes Principals, Clinical Directors, Office Managers, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Director of Community Outreach, and College and Career Counselor. As a member of this team, you will promote open lines of communication, cultivate an environment of respect, responsibility, and self-efficacy, foster positive staff and student relationships and attitudes, and model shared leadership and collaboration.

At a glance

Team Members

Mahwah (grades 4 through 8), Paramus (grades 8 through 12), Rochelle Park (grades 9 through 12)


Rebecca Oelkers

Vice President, Operations

Rebecca Oelkers, MSW, LCSW, serves as the Vice President of Operations of Sage Alliance. Before joining Sage Alliance, she was the Program Director for an inpatient Children’s Crisis Intervention Services unit serving children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral health challenges and worked closely with the New Jersey Department of Child Behavioral Health Services. With 25 years of experience serving as a clinician and administrator, Rebecca is dedicated to one simple vision; to offer a unique educational environment that is therapeutic, supportive, and nurturing for all students to reach their full academic potential and whose current needs cannot be met in the public-school setting.


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