Rebecca School is a special education school in New York City, supporting students ages 3-21 with neurodevelopmental delays in relating and communicating, including students with an autism spectrum diagnosis. Using a developmental and interdisciplinary approach, DIRFloortime®, Rebecca School creates educational programs that meet students’ unique needs, celebrates their strengths, and embraces their passions to reach their individual potential. Building meaningful, respectful relationships is the foundation for learning, and with collaboration between school, home, and the community, the learning goes beyond the classroom. Rebecca School works to move students up the developmental ladder to become thinking, relating, communicating members of their community.

Our Roles


As a Head Teacher at Rebecca School, you will develop your own classroom curriculum, creating individualized, developmental, interest-based programs for each student. You will differentiate your curriculum to meet the needs of a variety of learning profiles and will collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of professionals to support the students’ social, emotional, and academic growth.

Clinical Services

The Rebecca School Clinical Services team includes Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Music Therapists, Nurses, Adaptive Physical Education Teachers, Art Therapists, and Dance Movement Therapists. You will provide individual treatment and group therapy and collaborate with the educational staff to provide a comprehensive program to each student.

Support Staff

As a Teaching Assistant or Paraprofessional, you will provide classroom support and work with individual and small groups of students to provide them with academic help and emotional support to gain optimum benefit from the Rebecca School program.

At a glance

Team Members

Manhattan. NY, Mt. Vernon, NY


Tina McCourt

Executive Director

Tina received her Master’s in Social Work from Wurzweiler School of Social Work and her Master’s in Education from Baruch College. Prior to coming to the Rebecca School, Tina was the Program Director at the Early Intervention Center of Brooklyn. She first began attending DIR® trainings in 1994 and has continued to participate in annual ICDL conference almost every year. She received intense ongoing training from Dr. Greenspan from September 2005 – March 2010. Tina is also a board member of ICDL.

“For over 18 years, Rebecca School has been enriching the lives of students and their families utilizing the DIRFloortime(R) approach. We’re dedicated to understanding and supporting each child’s individual needs, fostering growth, and transforming lives within our community.”

Ryan Plosker

Senior Vice President, Operations

Dr. Ryan Plosker serves as Senior Vice President of Operations in the Northeast region. In this role, he works to drive operational excellence and growth for all of New Story’s Northeast region-based schools and programs. Ryan also serves as the Executive Director and Founder of New England Academy. Throughout his career, Ryan has worked to bridge the gap between psychology and education to meet the needs of students—from his clinical work at Children’s Hospital in Boston to his later work as a public-school psychologist, school director, and special education administrator. He shares his educational and clinical insights, teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

“At our schools across the Northeast region, we’re passionate about breaking down social and emotional barriers that hinder academic success. By providing a supportive and challenging environment, we empower students to reach their full potential, fostering growth and preparing them for success after school.”


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