Greenwich Education Group operates special education schools that offer unique environments and curricula customized for the specific learning styles of our students. It contains three NEASC-accredited, co-ed, independent day schools, Links Academy, The Pinnacle School, and The Spire School, which offer Executive Functioning coaching, unique learning environments, and curricula designed to meet the needs of their students.

Links Academy is also NCAA-eligible. Each school and program has grown out of a need in our local communities. In addition, Greenwich Education Group provides day and boarding school advisory services, college counseling, executive function coaching, tutoring, and test preparation.

The Pinnacle School is a NEASC accredited state-licensed Connecticut Special Education School. We’re redefining education for students with complex learning challenges. Here, tailored academics, in-the-moment support, and a collaborative approach to addressing unsolved problems empower students who may typically struggle in school to enhance their skills, grow their confidence, and gain independence as they make positive progress on the path to a happy and fulfilling life.

The Spire School is a NEASC accredited and Connecticut State Approved Special Education Program. We are an independent, therapeutic day school for intellectually capable students in Grades 8–12 who are struggling academically and emotionally. Our students have experienced anxiety and avoidance, struggled with executive functioning challenges or depression, and benefit from a smaller, supportive learning environment with robust academics and a strong health and wellness component.

Links Academy is a NEASC accredited school that provides an individualized one-on-one college preparatory educational experience at a pace that meets each student’s unique needs. Instructors at Links Academy are skilled at developing a vigorous curriculum designed to engage students in grades 6-12 in meaningful and intellectually stimulating coursework. Links Academy offers in-person, remote, and hybrid classes for all 12 months of the year. Links Academy also is NCAA Eligible

Our Roles


As a Teacher at GEG, you will provide high-quality, data-driven instruction to students aligned with the school’s mission and philosophy. You will differentiate curriculum to support students’ learning styles and current achievement levels. You will cultivate open and positive lines of communication with students and parents regarding academic, social, and emotional progress and development, and maintain collaborative relationships with colleagues. We hire accomplished, inspiring people with a combination of teaching experience, advanced degrees, contagious enthusiasm, and engaging communication skills.

Clinical Services

Our clinicians work tirelessly to support each student becoming an enthusiastic learner and an engaged community member. You will provide individual treatment and group therapy and collaborate with the educational staff to provide a comprehensive program to each student. You will be joining a robust and collaborative team of highly trained clinicians with expertise in special education, school counseling, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and classroom and behavior management. Roles include Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Speech Language Pathologist, Counselor, Therapist, Nurse, and Life Coach.


The administrative team at GEG leads and nurtures a safe and supportive school climate that fosters differentiated instruction, active problem-solving, and relationship building. As a member of this team, you will join a community that strongly believes student learning should be ambitious and goal oriented, while fostering the development of individual strengths and effective communication skills. You will work together to foster a commitment to the profession of education, a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and opportunities for individual development within a program that strives for excellence. Roles include Head of School, Director of Clinical Services, Education, Admissions, Enrollment, and Tutoring, and Test Prep.

At a glance

Team Members

201 High Ridge Road, Stamford CT, 06905


Vicky Newman

Founder and President 

Vicky founded Greenwich Education Group (GEG) in 2003, is the President of all GEG divisions, and is responsible for strategic decision-making for The Pinnacle School, The Spire School, and Links Academy. She is also the Director of Day & Boarding School Advisory Services. Vicky began her career as a teacher in the Stamford Public Schools and taught in the Greenwich Public Schools. She is deeply knowledgeable about the academic curriculum in both public and private school arenas. 

Ryan Plosker

Senior Vice President, Operations

Dr. Ryan Plosker serves as Senior Vice President of Operations in the Northeast region. In this role, he works to drive operational excellence and growth for all of New Story’s Northeast region-based schools and programs. Ryan also serves as the Executive Director and Founder of New England Academy. Throughout his career, Ryan has worked to bridge the gap between psychology and education to meet the needs of students—from his clinical work at Children’s Hospital in Boston to his later work as a public-school psychologist, school director, and special education administrator. He shares his educational and clinical insights, teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

“At our schools across the Northeast region, we’re passionate about breaking down social and emotional barriers that hinder academic success. By providing a supportive and challenging environment, we empower students to reach their full potential, fostering growth and preparing them for success after school.”


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